DHB deficits are apparently set to expand to about $500 million per annum – out of a total health budget of about $20 billion.

The Capital and Coast DHB had an operating deficit of $18 million in 2017/18 which was “within budget”. Surprisingly there is no further discussion on this issue in the 2017/18 annual report although the audited financial statements comprising some 55 pages of detail are attached.

However to be fair the DHB’s 2018/19 Annual Plan projects a deficit of nearly $16 million, reducing to $8 million in 2019/20 and with breakeven being achieved in 2020/21 and projected financial statements set out proposed expenditures in summary form.

However the information is presented on an “input” basis (personnel costs, other operating costs etc) so the changes in funding of different services are not clear.

Hopefully the DHB has done all these allocations so that any new Board member can see where priorities have changed.

From : David Shand DHB Deficit – my own analysis of material on CCDHB website – Annual Report 2017/18 and Annual Plan 2018/19